September 4, 2010

Summer of '10

The Summer of '10 has been a little....different from all our other summers. We didn't make it once to the beach at home, and we only had two cookouts at the B and the D's pool, which is highly disappointing (but the ones we had were not to be missed! ). We missed some friend's birthdays, and we missed out on some lazy fun days just hanging out together. However, we did get to see family and friends in Missouri over the 4th and had a truly amazing time with everyone, particularly meeting our new nephew. AMP and I also had a blast on our whirlwind anniversary trip celebrating 10 crazy years together. Of course the biggest highlight is that little boy still awake on the other side of the room! But I will say that the following statistics make me slightly exhausted:
  • 13 hotel rooms
  • Confusing number of airports and flights, (I lost count somewhere in the mid 20's) considering how many times AMP and I managed to get left behind!
  • 15 packings and 15 unpackings,and 2 more still on the way
  • 57 of the last 96 nights spent somewhere other than my own house

*I have time to count all this up, because what else am I going to do while I am sitting in dead silence in the 13th darkened hotel room, hoping desperately that he will fall asleep!

And so, on this final weekend of the summer, the deChicken clan is still scattered around. Momma and Pollo are of course still waiting in South America, Chicken Little and Chicken Nugget are happily having a reunion/sleepover with their besties at home, and Papi is mainlining Mountain Dew at home, craziedly working on a Chemistry proposal, with a little College Football in the background. Here's to high hopes for a slow and boring fall, with no packing and unpacking, and to the Summer of '11 - may we relax and enjoy introducing Pollo to all the joys of home!

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