September 29, 2010

Sparkles and Sunshine

And I Quote:
Me to Chicken Nugget last night as I tucked her in: "Who is my little Blondie?"
Chicken Nugget to me, giggling in her crib: "I not your Blondie, I your Sunshine!"

I heart my youngest child! There is rarely ever a chink in the armor of happiness that surrounds my little Sunshine and Sparkles - though Pollo might have done a little damage when he decided to wallow in Silky (the blanket has it's own name - you can only imagine how that went). When I complain and whine in my head (or to Lisa) about how crazy my summer was, I remind myself that I am not 1, but she is. Little Chicken Nugget has shown more grace and flexibility this summer than this 30 year old has ever possessed. So here is to my youngest little dancer.....

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