June 30, 2010

Mechanical issues

4:11 flailing at alarm clock, ipod alarm and blackberry alarms-all snooze
buttons hit
4:20 stumbling awake
4:23 realizing flight to La Guardia takes off in 1 hour and 17
minutes-small miscalculation error on appropriate wake up time
4:57 pulling into airport parking lot, vaguely realizing that the iron
might not have been unplugged (and yes, I ironed!)
5:04 flash the platinum frequent flyer card and sleepy smile at the man who
clearly does not think from my slightly ironed, soaking wet hair appearance
that I belong in that fabulously fast special security lane
5:09 line at starbucks behind a 19 year old who keeps switching-"caffe
mocha, no what's in that one, no maybe a vanilla latte". My dirty chai
can't come fast enough
5:18 curiously wondering why we aren't boarding yet
5:26 hydraulic leak-not me, the plane obviously
5:40 the new person in my dept who I am supposed to be meeting in LGA is
already on the plane and on her merry way-awesome
6:08 pilots put on their sunglasses, start the propellers and fly away-I
can see this from my seat in the terminal. I don't think this is a
positive sign
6:25 the gate agent returns from sending off all the other planes, stares
out the window and says, and I quote, "Where did the plane go?"
6:30 plane back from its test run-??? - and the mechanic disappears behind
the plane with a large hammer
6:42 told the plane might be fixed by 7:00 decide to go buy a phone charger
6:56 chased out of the news store by the rolling, robotic laughing dog
7:02 walk back to the gate, flight has taken off-without me
7:15 head into office-just another morning in the glamorous life of a buyer

June 29, 2010

What I love

Let me introduce myself. I am a happily married mother to two children and one on the way, who works beyond full-time at a job she loves, and is not domestic at all (this blog is simply another means of procrastinating on the laundry and the room that needs to be painted, and on and on...) . I love Jesus, but as my smart husband often says, "the long-haired hippie freak Jesus" who preached free love to all - no matter who or what you were or did - and that's it. I love my husband, my wicked smart and funny best friend, because 12 years after meeting him, he is still my favorite person to talk to. I love my children, my oldest rockstar daughter, Chicken Little, and my hysterical baby girl, Chicken Nugget, and my lovely middle boy, Pollo, who I will meet next month hopefully. I love my job, because who wouldn't love a job where they got to spend millions and millions of dollars picking out pretty stuff for peoples houses. I love adoption, because that is how I got to meet my oldest daughter, and how my little boy is coming home as well. I love my friends who have become family, the best aunts and uncles this only child could hope to give to her children. I love to write, and since all of the things I have just listed are taking up a wee amount of the time I would love to set aside to write the next great American novel, this blog will be novel for now.