September 9, 2010

The Culture of Froggyland

Today I realized two things, (maybe I already knew them, but I got a refresher today):
  • I have entered Mom-culture. I majored in Anthropology in college, and love history and museums and seeing new and different places. So yesterday, I arrived in the capital city of a country that I have never been to, a capital city of country that has an amazing amount of history, a truly fascinating culture, and tons of museums and sights to see. Old Chicken, pre 2007 Chicken, pre-children Chicken, would have been going from dusk to dawn, snapping pictures, and taking tours - just soaking it all up. Today, we went to Froggyland. Followed by a trip to the grocery store for lunch and you guessed it, more Corn Flakes. And then I skyped with my husband for an hour while my son napped. And not a bad day at all - particularly because I ate a ham and cheese wrapped hot dog (hello) instead of those Corn Flakes! Tomorrow, I am shooting for some culture, or at least a photo op that isn't out of the window of the cab. Opinion is out on whether or not that will be okay with my 3 year old, but Mamma is going to try.
  • I am now in Boy- Culture. This was never more apparent than in Froggyland. Froggyland is a basically one gigantic room filled with 5 of the biggest bounce houses I have ever seen. And then tucked in one tiny corner, was a little kid section with a motorized train that went in a circle - a very small, slow circle. Mommy had to do a lot of train and track maintenance, but Pollo got to drive a "choo-choo tain" for an hour and a half. I don't know if the the train or the plane was more exciting, but that boy loves planes, trains and automobiles. A very welcome addition to the current Princess explosion going on at our house. My littlest girl, can identify every Princess by name, and she isn't 2 for another month - makes you wonder that they trusted us with another one to corrupt!
PS. In no way was Froggyland similar to the ball pit experience, where I caught the Waka Waka - this place was clean, and seemingly Shakira virus free.

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