September 24, 2010

The Little Red Hen

My in-laws arrived today, and in my house, that is a good thing - a very good thing! The Little Red Hen (or Grandma, but that is a little to plain) and Grandpa flew in today meet Pollo, their grandchild #4 in arrival date, but grandchild #2 by chronological age (got love the flair adoption gives a family). They came bearing gifts, and ready to play. Pollo proved his full deChicken - ness, by being very excited about his John Deere tractor toy (this gift is an important right of passage in the greater deChicken family). The only cloud in this sky, was when Chicken Nugget kept stealing the tractor and the pig! So currently, there are three very happy children sleeping in our house, with visions of "Gam-pa and Gam-ma" fun dancing in their dreams.

And yes, they are talking to one another - "Hi Gam-pa!"

1 comment:

Jon and Jamie said...

so very sweet, gotta love those little chickies, lucky grampa and gramma!!!