September 12, 2010

Andres Carne de Res

I kissed a tiger, bought a cow, and killed a massive spider today.

The spider, well it was the jumpy kind (Yes AMP, there legitimately is a jumpy kind - it is on Wikipedia) and this one was HUGE - a fat nickel sized, short legged, jumpy spider, right there reading Good Night Moon with us tonight. I killed it myself - at least I think I sent him to a watery grave down the drain, but one is never quite sure.

The tiger and cow were both encountered o our adventure out today. All three families here at Betty's Place (the awesome guesthouse we are staying in) loaded up all 5 children and 4 adults and went to Andres Carne de Res in Chia this morning. We returned at 5 o'clock with 5 painted and exhausted, but incredibly happy children. I have personally never, ever, seen anything like this place. It took up 2 city blocks, with the first block being the adult side (a club at night, and I can only imagine), and across the street (we crossed with a choir standing beside us singing) is the kid and family side. The entire restaurant is decorated in handcrafted, whimsical, recycled items, all from Colombia, and and every place you turn, there is something hysterical or amazing to look at. The food is ridiculous, even the water came in adorable bottles, and there were activities for the kids, like make your own clay animal, or cookies, or bead bracelet. I even saw a kid leaving with a skateboard she made in the wood shop activity section. I took as many pictures as I could, but nothing captures it. I admit to being underwhelmed but willing, when everyone suggested we go to some restaurant with face painting for the kids, but honestly, it is not to be missed. If you are ever in Bogota, you won't regret the hour ride - just go!

Here is how we got there - 1973 Dodge Dart - 5 Adults and 5 Children

The Menu - As you cranked, it scrolled through 10 pages

The Platter we almost ordered 2 of

The cow Pollo desperately wanted. Who could resist this face?

What a ferocious Tiger!


JAH said...

LOVE! Adorable, and you two look so cute!

AMP said...

Love the sweatshirt! My little hawkeye!

Enghee said...

His tiger face would make an awesome, enlarged and framed pic, just saying!

Jon and Jamie said...

adorable, and what a funky looking place, what fun!!! So glad you are having fun, miss you, J