September 13, 2010

The Spider and the Devil

And the spider was not dead. Because when I got up this morning and turned on the water, he leapt out of the drain. I re-drowned him. Please pray that he has gone to the watery beyond of the Bogota sewer, and there is no repeat tomorrow.

But this was not a sign of bad things to come, because the day was successful. Despite taking the longest time ever at both the passport office and the visa doctor (legitimately the agent said it was the longest she had ever waited at both places, and she has been doing this a while), we are now in proud possession of a Colombian passport, and a completed medical exit form. Keep your fingers crossed for tomorrow - we are off to visit the Americans, and hopefully secure a visa.

And my tiger of yesterday was a perfect lamb today. Pollo just finished Day 2 of no nap and lots of waiting, and driving. And he is seriously a trouper - we only had to threaten to take away Good Night Moon twice!

I leave you with this. Would it make you feel comfortable if your cab driver had not 1, but 2 of these stickers on his dashboard? I have some hopes that it is a Colombian B league soccer team we know nothing about, but the Ultimate Chicken of course went to the dark side of kidnap phobia for a few brief moments today.


Dan and Jen Grove said...

yikes! I would be planning an escape in my head.

JAH said...

WHOA, even I would be a little skeptical! Hooray for the visa/passport/whatever crazy documents! hurry up and come home!!!

Ultimate Chicken said...

Jen - Seriously, I had no plan! I couldn't think of one!

Carol L. Bratt said...

Wow! This sure would have made me a little crazy inside! Your spider story had me laughing out loud and reading the story to my boys.