July 6, 2010

Waiting is Broken

A couple of Definitions for you before you read:

*Lisa Math - to grossly over or underestimate time or money.
*Lisa Plan - to use Lisa Math/Lisa Reasoning to make a plan.
*Silver Dollar City - Fake Pioneer Hillbilly town where they steal your money and splash a little water on you.

Yesterday was a classic example of what we call a Lisa Plan gone slightly awry. Lisa, my very best friend in the world, is a truly fabulous person in every way. In fact, right now, in the room above my head, my oldest daughter is desperately trying to avoid going to sleep by sobbing continuously "I miss Aunt Lisa" - never mind that the youngest, who isn't even two yet was making fun of her - "Sissy - wawaah - I miss Aunt Wisa" followed by hysterical giggling. I digress.

Lisa is fabulous in every way, except for her estimation abilities. So, in perfect Lisa fashion, we made a plan to take our four children to Silver Dollar City on Monday, the hottest day of the summer and a holiday to boot. Oh, and we were going to be there first thing in the morning and be home by 3pm. Of course all of the children would frolic in their respective age appropriate activities, Lisa and I would take an Old Time Picture in a saloon together, and everyone would laugh all the way home.

We left the house at 10 am. 4pm rolls around, and it can all be summed up by the following story. Lisa's youngest son, who is obsessed with trains, has been asking to ride the Red Thomas Train for the last 4 hours. We decided to swing by the train depot to check out the the train ride situation, and Lisa with a quick glance sees a line a mile long. She returns to announce that "Thomas is broken", and AMP and I make a quick about face with the strollers. We all hear a quiet, but defiant "Waiting is Broken".

Moral of the Story:
3 Adults, 4 children under the age of 6, 2 large strollers, and 5 million rednecks in the hot, hot sun.....
Total Lisa Plan


Anonymous said...

I can't quit laughing at this post - I would love to meet this "Lisa" of yours....haha!! OK - so my plans don't always PAN OUT - but we always have a story later.....

Ultimate Chicken said...

Hi Marco,
We always have a fabulous time - whether we do the woodworking project or not. There just isn't any photo documentation to prove it!

Anonymous said...

The woodworking project that never happened - we even had blueprints and everything.....that makes me laugh! I could use that recipe box now that I actually cook - what if we plan to make it next time we see each other - after we get old fashion pictures taken that is! :-)

Ultimate Chicken said...

It's a plan!

Abi said...

I concur!! Love your Lisa Math/Lisa Plan definitions. To a hilt!