September 27, 2010

Betty's Place

We have been home 10 days now - really hard to imagine that it has been that long, and only that long at the same time. He is doing great, considering all the adjustments he has had in the last week and a half. Think about it - he is in a new climate, in a new house, with a new room and a new bed (oh, I can not begin to explain how excited I was to sleep on my old bed!!, but I digress), new sisters, new playmates, new schedules, new foods (he hates pasta and sweets, which are not very deChicken traits, but we can indoctrinate him, I am sure of it) and that new Mommy and Daddy to boot. He does get upset, and we are having our fair share of "settling in tantrums" (Thomas the Train had to spend several hours on the mantel this afternoon), but he is learning so fast - I am unbelievably proud of my boy!

Thinking about being home also makes me think about being in Colombia just a few short days ago. We still have friends who are down there waiting to come home with their children (hugs and kisses to MaryJo and Christina) but thankfully they are staying together at a great place. We all stayed at Betty's Place, and I would highly recommend that if you are ever in Bogota to visit (adoption or not); definitely stay with Betty! The ability to eat dinner family style, to have adults to hang out with once the little ones drift off to slumberland, and the for the kids to have both someone to play with and the space to play - it all made the trip truly pleasurable! Thanks again Tia Betty - you are the best!

Outside of Betty's Place

One late Girl's night in the living room. Those are all pictures on the wall of families that have stayed there through the years - it has spread throughout the whole house.

Our last dinner there - fabulous Aijaco soup

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Babykhush said...


MaryJo and I have taken to late night Frito's, especially the Limon flavor Frito Lay's. We think of you and your favorite, the Pollo flavor. Glad to see and hear that you are all doing well. Mira and Angie were very excited to see David's picture with your husband's parents that Betty shared with them.

Angie and MaryJo will be going home on Saturday, how exciting for them finally. We are still waiting for a procurador. My husband had to go home today with Mira. Hope to keep in touch.

Best Wishes,