September 26, 2010

Five Guys and a Wedding

Chicken Little is currently obsessed with love. She is in that phase where marriage, kissing and boys are all extremely fascinating, yet slightly gross at the same time. She received her first love note this week (double duty get well card - but we are still not quite clear why there was money attached to the card?), and she kissed a boy last week (of course claiming he wanted to kiss her, but after meeting him and his parents, AMP is quite certain the opposite was true!). Today she also got to go to her first wedding. Well, technically it was a vow renewal, but there were vows, a white dress, and they sealed the deal in typical fashion with a kiss. To our good friends Jamie and Jon - best wishes, and I am so sorry for the Chicken Nugget screaming out "That's Aunt Jamie!" in the middle of the vows, and for the loud "EWWWW" when you kissed.

To show how high class we truly are, we went straight from the wedding to Five Guys, to introduce Grandma and Grandpa to the supreme bliss that is a Five Guys hamburger and fries. We ordered one fry for the 7 of us. Please observe what we received - this is what makes Five Guys fabulous, and what is causing all the weight that I lost in Colombia to magically reappear. Never mind that Grandma and Chicken Little made a batch of Grandma's famous chocolate chip cookies yesterday, and what kind of mother would I have been if I hadn't sampled their cookies - yes, a skinnier mommy, that is true.

The Little Red Hen and Gam-pa are headed home bright and early in the morning. You can tell from the pictures that Pollo and the girls had a really hard time adjusting to them being here! So sad to see them fly home!

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