September 1, 2010

What I didn't know

4 Weeks ago today, I met my son. He was magic from the first minute, and after a month with him, I can't imagine that at the beginning of this summer, I didn't know him. I didn't know how big his dimples really were. I didn't know that he loves cars with all of his being, except that small corner of his being that is being taken over with a love for "Buzz Liyur". I didn't know that he won't walk when he can run, and I didn't know that he really would just prefer to be carried by Mamma everywhere, but will settle for the little red stroller at anytime. I didn't know that he could eat chicken, rice, yogurt and crackers, seven times a day, and still beg for more. I didn't know that he would love to color, particulary with an orange crayon that he calls "amarillo", silly boy. I didn't know that he would be obsessed with praying, or with Good Night Moon, which he can now almost recite by heart, in English. I didn't know he would sit next to me and when I was talking to someone else, he would quietly repeat "No more monkeys jumping on the bed", shaking his finger as emphatically as he can. I had no idea he would love his sisters so much - asking every 10 minutes, "Estay and Kiday manana?", just begging to see them. I didn't know that he would be so smart, and that he would be able to comprehend the strange process we are in, and just simply tell everyone that his Papi is getting his toys and his room ready at his casa, and that we were going on an airplane soon to go home. I knew I would love him at the beginning, but I didn't know I would love him this much.


JAH said...

Awwww,you're making me cry. I'm so happy for all of you! XOXO

Rebecca said...

you made me cry this morning here at work.. love you..