September 23, 2010


Three years ago, when Chicken Little came home, AMP, in singer/songwriter mode, put together the little number below. It was an instant hit with the first child, our youngest child loves it dearly, and within the first week, I would catch little Pollo humming the tune, and mumbling the words in butchered English to himself throughout the day ("O, I tike to te in mu pj's!). So, by request of the B and the D, here is The PJ's Song, performed by the deChicken Singers - Enjoy!

The PJ's Song

PJ's, PJ's,

Oh, I like to sleep in my PJ's


PJ's in the nightime,

Oh, I like I sleep in PJ's



AMP said...

Does anyone notice the undercurrent of self-humiliation that runs through this blog?

Jon and Jamie said...

you would never guess that the AMP is the shy guy of the bunch;-) Really, did he know you were posting this for the world to see??!!!!!