September 3, 2010

Tigers, Churches, and Wedding Proposals

On Monday morning when I woke, facing this week with no idea how to keep my little man busy. So, I gathered my courage and decided that we were going to zoo. No translator, no guide, the two of us were getting in a cab and going. So we went. And we had the place practically to ourselves and it was fabulous! His two favorites, the tigers and the ostriches. The two of us must have stood in front of the ostriches for 25 minutes, and he would not let me move for anything - the boy was entranced. Today at lunch he once again demonstrated to me how the bird was cleaning it's belly feathers - he just thought that was hysterical. I thought it was yet another example (like going to the circus when you are an adult) of how some things that were cool and awesome when you were a kid, are just plain creepy and gross when you are an adult.

Tuesday rolled around, and we had some medical test set up for early in the morning. At least we thought we did, but apparently we didn't. Let's just say that by 10:30, Pollo hadn't eaten yet, had been poked and prodded endlessly (they couldn't find the poor little guy's veins) and we had made two full circles from the lab to the doctor's office, to the hotel, back to the doctor's office and then to the lab, all without his favorite little red stroller. We would just right Tuesday off right now, except for the fact that we got to see the famous Cathedral in his city, and while the outside is less than impressive, the inside is amazing. And the coolest part, is that Mass was going on in a side chapel, and Pollo wanted to go. Our friend (guide) was with us, and during one of the repeating/reciting/prayer parts (this is only the third Mass I have ever even seen a portion of, so I don't really know), she leaned down to say it with him, and he knew it. The boy had definitely been to church before, which explains why he was so good on Sunday at church with me, and could explain the prayer obsession. So Tuesday wasn't a complete write off, after we all had a chance to nap and calm down.

Wednesday was less eventful. The plan was just to ride the new city bus to end of route and back, so we could see the city. Sounded like a good idea, and was nice to see a new section of the city, but a three year old on a bus for an hour and forty five minutes? The boy loves any motorized vehicle, but today, when we were walking back to the lab to check on the lab results, we passed in the direction of the bus station, and he started chanting over and over, "No quiero bus" (I don't want the bus)- we may have traumatized the boy in our quest to see the new and expanding part of Barranquilla.

Today, Chicken Little started Kindergarten. She looked adorable to me (on Skype, so sad I wasn't there, I can't really talk about it), and apparently to some of the little guys in her class as well. The very first thing she told me when I asked her how her day was today was, "Mommy, some of the boys were trying to get me,....and they said they wanted to marry me!" She tried to act shy about this, but knowing her as I do, I am not convinced that she didn't propose first!

Keep your fingers crossed for tomorrow. There is a chance (still a chance) I may have good news tomorrow. Will keep you posted.
PS - Notice, Chicken Nugget also had to join the backpack fun!


JAH said...

You tell Kidist that I've already matched her up with Ryan so you can all be part of the family. They look AH-Dorable (as always)!

Ultimate Chicken said...

I will tell her about Ryan, but I may need a picture!