September 8, 2010

Good Vibes in Bogota

Fabulous day today just relaxing at our new guesthouse, Betty's Place, here in Bogota. We went to the mall to buy some warmer clothes (it is like 50 degrees here!) and for the first time in 5 weeks, the atm decided to let me have some of my money!! Then I just found a copy of the book that I accidentally left on the airplane last month - it was on the bookshelf here, just waiting to be finished. Most amazing of all, I found out I could book our tickets home for next Thursday. I decided to give a day cushion and change my flight from Tuesday to Friday, and to book Pollo's one way ticket home. I called Continental, dreading trying to deal with an airline. When she told me Pollo's ticket would be over $1400, you can imagine my thoughts toward said airline. But as we sat there brainstorming, the Continental lady said, "Well, maybe you have some America Express points?" and 20 minutes later, Pollo had a free ticket, thanks the big brain and the big heart of Veronica at Continental. So get ready America, Pollo hits the States next Friday night!


Kimberly said...

Home is waiting for you little pollo David!

JAH said...

Did I mention I can't WAIT!!! I'm so happy and excited for the DB family!!

Enghee said...

Thank God for a free ticket, He always knows how to hook His people up!