September 19, 2010


  • Eating an AMP cooked scrambled egg and biscuit breakfast on Saturday morning and getting to say meal time prayers as a family again - "blah, blah, blah, blah - A-Men!"
  • Pushing the Ikea wooden train around that the little wooden track that eventually wound its way into the dining room for hours and hours and hours - and promised to do it all again "man- yana"
  • Driving our little Flintstone cars and bikes around and around the driveway
  • Being buried waist deep in the grocery store shopping cart, while your sissies dance and flip through the store - no scene, and we definitely weren't stared at, at all.
  • Seeing "Buzz Liyear" on TV for the first time - pure excitement
  • Going to church and meeting all your new friends, playing with the train track at children's church, and finally realizing that church or "guitar and (clapping)" - his description after what I made him endure in Colombia, once for 3 hours - is not as bad as we thought
  • Partying like a rockstar at Tia Becky and Tio Damien's - These people all came just to see me? and there is pizza and cake and balloons and toys?!?!
  • Meeting all the Du****** part of the family, with more laughing, tickling, playing and pizza
  • Reading Good Night Moon, and Good Night Bible in our new bed under a canopy of stars (thanks again, Ikea), cuddled up under our solar system bedspread (thanks, TJ Maxx!) - all perfect for the little boy who is obsessed with the stars and the moon - just like his daddy!
The first weekend is done (and was in my opinion, the best weekend ever). We keep repeating, and Pollo keeps reminding us as he points around him "No more airpane, no more hotel, aqui!" - Here is Home.

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Kimberly said...

Ok, the casa aqui made me weepy.