September 5, 2010

Back to Church, Saved again!

I am quickly running out of reading material, and the plan for today was to go to my fabulous little hotel church, and then go eat lunch at the mall, thereby get both a shopping fix and a book - how practical. At least that was the plan until I was sitting in church with my translator, and he translated, "Oh, she is just telling everyone to be calm and pray after yesterday's averted bombing at the mall." hmmm....I know I should keep up better with my local news at home, but I really hadn't given a thought to the local We peacefully ate lunch at the nearby grocery store cafeteria, and I guess it's a good thing we got up and went to church this morning!


JAH said...

This would have been a good time to bring "Shantaram!". Glad you are safe!

Ultimate Chicken said...

Stop you!! :)