September 22, 2010

In the full Mommy mode

I took a quick break from the blog to wallow in the bright and shininess of
my newly reunited family and of America in general--there was also some
falling asleep on the couch at 9:30pm watching tv. The last few days have
been full of dr's appts, more dr's appts, "everybody be calm", "don't hit
sissy's arm", "cama si", "yes Pollo, cama si", and "don't hit your
sister"! A little chaotic, but funny nonetheless.

I was obviously more than a little scattered today in the car on the way to
pick up Chicken Little from school, because I realized I was using a diaper
to hold my coffee cup (cut me a little slack-that stainless steel cup was
hot!). Even funnier was Chicken Nugget outing me on it - "Mommy, that's my

1 comment:

JAH said...

Ewwww, and LOL! Hysterical. Call me when you have settled down! Miss you!