May 13, 2011

Jesus laughs

During nightly prayers tonight, I decided that Chicken Little needed to be more engaged in the process, so I decided to mix it up a little. I asked her to pray for me....and this is what happened.

Chicken Little: Long Pause...."So, ummm Momma, what do you want me to pray for you?"

Me: Curveball...."Well, Chicken Little," think, think, think. No prayer for work - though I could use it after today. No prayers for boo-boos - I am currently boo-boo free. Quickly, I shot back, "Pray I get a good night sleep tonight".

No word of a lie, this is what she prayed.
Chicken Little: "Dear Jesus, please help Momma to sleep good tonight. Please help Dadda not to fool around with her, and help her just to sleep so good. Amen."

I think I heard Jesus laughing out loud on that one.