July 18, 2010

Is that stink my child?

  • Perfect 94 degree weather - or massive amounts of sweating - Check!
  • Pool with 7 Children and 8 adults doing the "whirlpool" - Check!
  • Profuse amounts of hotdogs and hamburgers and corrected spinach dip and cheesecake and watermelon and strawberry and juice boxes and soda and and pasta salad and bags and bags and bags of chips and BS (Becky's Super) salsa -Check!
  • Precise execution of the best rock/paper/scissors strategy in order to avoid diaper duty - yes, that stink was my child - Check!
  • People that had me in stitches - I am still nearly doubled over laughing at the inappropriate Vietnamese coffee that should have never been given as a gift to my pastor - Check!
  • Perfectly well behaved children, or should I say everyone else's perfectly behaved children and my highly threatened children "If you don't stop right now, I will throw away every gummy Princess in the pantry and take you home right now!" -Check!
  • Pretty much the best summer day ever, minus the smell that lingered around Chicken Nugget long into the night - Check!

1 comment:

AMP said...

The Vietnamese coffee story deserves its own post!!! It is one of the 10 funniest moments of my life. (I know, I know...I live a boring life.)

And...don't forget PT's story about losing in laser tag to a family of Hasidic Jews.

What a great day!