September 8, 2010


Guess who took this picture? We are on our first airplane flight ever, and we are SO excited!! Particularly about the pilots and not as much about the seatbelt. We are on our way to Bogota to finish out the wait to come home-probably another week and half until plane number 2 home! He, unlike Chicken Little on her first flight, was a perfect flyer.

The only tortuous thing was that, on the way out of the airport I saw Paradise-or my first opportunity for a real cup of coffee in 5 weeks- you can call it either one. Unfortunately, I was pushing a stroller, managing three carry on bags, and trying to "keep my pants off the ground"( this was accomplished by pushing the stroller with one hand and keeping the other hand in my pocket -my children have really been stealing all of my food!), so there was no fulfillment of my DD fantasy tonight. Seriously, 9 mornings out of 10, I have found shreds of paper in my morning coffee, and on top of that, it just tastes....not right. I found out that all the good coffee is exported, probably to the DD by my house. So drink up your fine Colombian coffee-and save a cup for me - I will be home soon!


Enghee said...

So sorry to hear about the coffee: first that you didn't get your DD fix, know how important it is to have something familiar to home when traveling; and second, that Colombian coffee was such a ironic. But, I hope the rest of your time there flies by for you and David!

GEM said...

That is so weird- you'd think you'd be in coffee heaven. I'm so sorry!!

Jon and Jamie said...

well, that is a bummer, but on the up side you lost the "baby" weight nicely didn't you!!!;-) glad the flight went well, love the photos!!!