Cast of Characters

Ultimate Chicken
Here I am - "Slightly nervous" about a lot of things
(I was freaking out on the London Eye in AMP's picture below),
but I don't want to miss one minute of Happily Ever After!

The  Absent Minded Professor, who gets lost going to the grocery store 
because a molecule has distracted him.   He is without question the 
best husband and father, we just have to look after him and his big brain. 

Chicken Little
Our oldest daughter who is 6 years
old -she is pure magic, through and through.  
She was adopted from Ethiopia in 2007.

Our 3 year old son, all boy through and through, 
but with the cutest dimples and the nicest heart.
Such a love!  He is adopted from Columbia last year - 
and has bulldozed his way perfectly into the family!

Chicken Nugget
Our youngest, who is 2 years old.  She was a
surprise to us in the beginning, and continues
to surprise us and keep us laughing at every turn!

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Jon and Jamie said...

A cast from the book of BEST FRIENDS!!!!!
God Blessed us with the greatest extended Family
we Love you Guys....