September 15, 2010

Colombian Style

The spider has passed on, and we haven't seen any friends or family, so life moves on. However, we are going on day 3 of sporadic to no water service to the entire neighborhood- and Pollo and I missed the sporadic part of the service since we are at the US Embassy. So all our housemates are desperately keeping their fingers crossed that the service is on tomorrow and that the two of us can take showers.

It is a Colombian Soccer team. Apparently, a giant red devil with a pitchfork labeled American, is a great and historic logo for a famous soccer team out of Cali, so my Anti-american kidnap fears in the cab were slightly unfounded.

We ate roasted chicken today Colombian style- with giant plastic gloves. I had seen a small child doing this in the cafeteria in Barranquilla, and had assumed until today that she was allergic to Chicken skin oils, or something else bizarre, because seriously, who eats chicken wearing gloves (though I must say after trying it, it is very sanitary)? Apparently it is the must do down here - and no, this is not me, or even the people sitting next to us. We didn't have the camera with us (it is banned from the Embassy) so Google is helping me out in the visual imagery department. Have you ever googled "people eating chicken with plastic gloves"?

Pollo is US visa approved (but we don't have it in hand yet) as of 11:40 am today. We waited outside of the US Embassy in a sort of permanent tent for the whole process. Apparently, we are not paying enough taxes for walls.

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