September 10, 2010

Seis Sleeps

This is one of my favorite pictures of the three little chicks together. Pollo had only been with us about a week, and we decided to go to the mall and have pizza for lunch. After we played the bathroom game (you know the one where your small potty training child demands the bathroom every five minutes out of sheer boredom, or fascination with the flusher, and you can't say no, because I did that once, and it wasn't very pretty for me) for quite a while, we managed to finish our pizza and start to leave the mall. But every Colombian mall that I have encountered is positively chock full of ice cream stands and stores. So after passing 3 of them, we at last stopped at the one that served the ice cream in Toy Story cups - what could be more exciting? It was the best lunch ever, as we loaded up our 3 hysterical children on ice cream, soda and pizza.

Pollo and I went for pizza tonight with the other guests in the guesthouse, and the pee-pee game was reenacted (imagine this time, 3 children who were potty training - you get the picture). It was fun, but I found myself missing the icecream, the Buzz Lightyear cups and the other 3 Chickens. Seis sleeps until we are back together again!!

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