September 4, 2010

Straight from the Bottle

Let's see -
  • I ran out of hair gel and when I went to the grocery store to buy some more, the helpful girl working the beauty aisle took one look at my hair, and said "No". That is not encouraging. I left the store with some sketchy hair cream and a renewed complex about the situation on top of my head.
  • The hotel restaurant smelled like bug spray tonight at dinner - is that a good sign, or a bad one?
  • A 2.5 liter of Coke Zero was opened this morning, and is now almost half gone. Because Pollo isn't going to have any, and because I tried and failed miserably to request a clean drinking glasses from the housekeeper, I have taken to drinking straight from the bottle.
  • Book #2, This is a Soul, the true story of a doctor serving the poor in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, is done (not the most exciting book, but an inspiring story nonetheless). I only have two more books left, and am worried that I am going to run out before I am in proximity to an English bookstore, because....
  • There are conflicting reports, but one particular unnerving report says that we need to take my ideal of being home next weekend, shoot in the foot, and add a week and half. And that just drove me straight back to the bottle.

The good news - without a doubt, I will be posting a lot of pictures of Pollo on Monday night. Because no matter what the timeline says, the judge signed the papers today, and once I sign at 10 am on Monday, he is officially ours!!


JAH said...

LOVE that you signed the papers!! So maybe 2 more weeks? Max?

Ultimate Chicken said...

Hopefully home next Thursday, or maybe Friday.