August 31, 2010

Chicken on the other side road

Imagine a major New York city street, at night. Now imagine that there are no crosswalks, no stop signs, no stop lights, no police directing traffic, and you are in front of the emergency room entrance of a hospital. And there is just the ambient glow from the roadside food stands and restaurants, no street lights. That would be the spot where Pollo and I decided to cross the road tonight. Why did the Chicken cross the road at this particular juncture? Why, to get food, of course. But once on the other side, after collecting her food surprise to go (I honestly had no idea what was in the bag until we got back to the room and was pleasantly surprised that it was everything I ordered), the Chicken now had to cross back to the other side. Thank God for two nice strangers, a slow motorcycle, and a giant city bus. Without their traffic direction and help, the little red stroller would still be frozen on the side of Calle 70.


Enghee said...

I think I forgot to mention when crossing streets in Colombia...look both ways and RUN!...sorry, that may have been the single most important thing to tell you in advance. I once was crossing with my very pregnant cousin, it was a sight to behold, there are no exceptions, everybody pedestrian has the right of way, only the right to get run over; another one of those "not wrong, not right, just different" for the books

JAH said...

I'm glad you made it! I hope the food was worth the dash and go!! XOXO

Jon and Jamie said...

poor, poor mama chicken!! you gotta run fast, maybe carry your own personal stop sign and head lamp to light the way!!! Just think of how brave you will be when you next return to NYC though, you will be the champ!!:-)