August 16, 2010

OCD Pollo

They warn you in adoption classes, and in your homestudy, and in every book, and on every website that in the child's transition process into a family, different behaviors can occur. Everything from hoarding food, to catatonic states, to abject screaming....there are lists a mile long with really legitimate reactions to joining a new, and sometimes (in our case) very strange family. We were concerned for a while that Pollo was OCD about washing his hands, and with flushing the toilet, until we remembered that Chicken Little did this exact same thing. Okay, maybe AMP said it as a joke on day 3 after his 15th trip to the bathroom that morning with Pollo, and being the slightly paranoid person that I am, I started looking up OCD in adoption, until AMP busted me - always be sure to close your search windows when you are done with them. Anyway, we both agree now that Pollo is OCD, but it isn't about washing his hands, or flushing the toilet. Like I mentioned earlier - he is obsessed with praying. However, it has reached an epidemic state as of today. Tonight, at the Guadelupan Lady Mexican restaurant, we practically had to stop between each chip to pray - Chicken Little kept complaining "I don't want to pray anymore!". Once this morning, in the pool, he started throwing a complete fit because we couldn't understand what he wanted to do. We went through the list: bano, eat, play in Chicken Little's big girl pool, even go down the water slide with Papi, until AMP realized he wanted to pray again? So there, in the baby ball pool, we all joined hands (a must), closed our eyes, and blessed the agua and all the people around us - and commenced with a resounding "ah-men"!

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Jon and Jamie said...

ummm, he fits right in with all the OCD craziness of the AMP, I mean really, folding all clothes in tiny squares??!!! Really funny though, and I can see K being all done with that, and Zizzy giving a resounding A-MEN (with enough gusto to make a southern Baptist proud:-)
so glad to chat last night, sending package today too, enjoy!! J