August 28, 2010

Three Chickens fly the Coop

They are off! There were some tears, (only Mommy and Chicken Nugget made it through that hurdle unscathed), and a lot of frantic packing and resorting, but AMP, Chicken Little and Chicken Nugget should be arriving in Bogota soon to catch their midnight flight home - who's jealous of AMP? By himself, with two small children, who blatantly refused to take their naps this afternoon, on an 18 hour journey home that involves 4 airports, 3 planes, 2 carryons and 1 princess backpack, not to mention customs, and that 12 am flight departure. I think I got the easy part of this whole deal. Pollo and I are all cozied up in our massive, new hotel room after a great meal and an adventure-filled evening (more on that tomorrow).

We had one hang-up, and that was, Where, Oh Where, do you turn on the water for the bathtub? We both searched and pondered on this question for a good 10 minutes at bathtime tonight, both of us even peeking down a little dark cubbyhole under the whirlpool tub, ( I feel certain more than a lizard calls that place home). Finally, I made Pollo put his clothes back on, and we trooped downstairs. No English is spoken at the desk tonight - how does one explain this problem?

Me: "No agua in bano."

Blank stare

Me: Pantomining shower (this involved lots of happy fingers making fake sprinkles), and all while saying "No" and shaking my head. Then I followed up with a sweeping long vertical motion with both arms, and saying "bathtub" very slowly (I am sure that part helped).

Now that everyone was clear that we were speaking about the tub, I used Karate Kid wax on, wax off motions while shaking my head no emphatically, to indicate there were no knobs to turn on the tub - perfectly clear, right?

I am pretty sure the nervous little fellow who followed me upstairs tonight while muttering "bano" to all his colleagues, was quite certain that I either wanted a bath drawn (American Princess), or had broken the toilet (I hope not to jinx myself on this one).

PS - there is just a knob in the shower that makes the knobs in shower run the bath - obviously!


JAH said...

HAHAHA! Where is your spanish dictionary? I'm worried about all these bathroom stories!

Jon and Jamie said...

too funny!!! At least he did not offer to wash YOUR back:-) Hope all went well with you two, things are fine here, settling in at home when we left them, so glad to have them back!!!