August 8, 2010

Pollo Especial

My little boy is amazing!

Day 4.5 with "Mamma", and "Papi" (Chicken Nugget is now calling AMP Papi) and life is so good. Here is a non-comprehensive list of the different ways my little Pollo rocks!
  • Bear Hugger - Mamma ventured out of the hotel room twice today (still on the mend from the Waka Waka, honestly feel ridiculous for saying that). One time Chicken Nugget went with me, and AMP stayed behind with the two big kids. I was gone for a total of two minutes, since Chicken Nugget and I are pretty slow together. When they opened the door for us, I was attacked at the knees with a hug by one adorable little boy, saying "Mamma!"
  • Mighty Hunter - In the pool, he suddenly shouted "Papi, mira!" and when AMP looked down, a tiny little hand was killing the bug crawling on Papi's hand!
  • Abject Tickler - Chicken Nugget earned herself a timeout today, and after I had sat her in the chair for timeout, Pollo came over and started tickling her endlessly. We tickled her neck and he kept tickling her feet - there were even two or three zerberts (blowing on the belly). Needless to say, that was an extremely effective timeout. Way to go Big Brother!
  • Sweetheart - I have been singing some songs to him, just a couple songs that I used to sing to Chicken Little when she first came home, like "Mamma loves Chicken Little, Daddy loves Chicken Little...." and so on through the family. As I was singing it last night and tonight, he was singing along with me in parts!
  • Chatterbox - In Spanish for sure, and he can now say "Ok", "our last name", "Sorry", "Apple Juice", "Good Job", and most importantly "Poo Poo"!
  • Budding Intellectual - Last night at dinner, Chicken Little started reciting 5 little monkeys, which is currently the favorite story among the girls. Pollo watched the 4 of us reciting it for a minute, then jumped off his chair and ran into the bedroom - he returned....with the 5 little monkeys book and a big smile!
  • Family Man - We sent down a shutterfly book a few months ago, with pages about each member of the family, our house and extended family, so that he could become familiar with us a little bit - we had done the same thing for Chicken Little. When I was making the book, I had gotten almost to the end, and had two more pages to fill. I wasn't sure what to do with these pages, so I did a ton of scattered pictures of all of us across the pages. I never saw the book done - we just sent it directly here through the agency. Apparently, the book was a huge hit. It goes with him everywhere around the hotel room throughout the day, and he wants to look at it every hour or so, particularly around bedtime. Every single time he flips through it, he is looking for the two pages at the end. When he get there, he points to the pictures of himself and smiles, and then gently touches all the faces in the pictures. Once, Chicken Nugget tried to take the book, and I feared for everyone - that is Pollo's special item, and he falls asleep with it every night!


Jon and Jamie said...

oh, Big Chickie, so glad that you are on the mend and that life is good with your 3 babes!! So glad little Pollo is happy and settling in well, miss you guys, Love the D.P.'s

Enghee said...

this one had me teary eyed, so sweet!