August 23, 2010

Embracing the Carribean

Yesterday, we got Chicken Little's hair braided on the beach. While I was sitting there, watching the process and waiting for AMP to return with money for the braids and for the Cokes we drank on the beach, I ended up getting swindled into a massage. Somehow, a "No, no, that is fine," translated to start massaging my feet, and ended up with Mommy flat on her stomach, being massaged by two women head to toe, and keeping one peep eye on my child. They kept saying "much stress" and shaking their heads with a concerned look on their face. Seriously? I am laying in the Carribbean with a Coke in one hand, getting a massage, and I don't have to do Chicken Little's hair for a month? Trust me people, this is the way to spend maternity leave!


Pastor Christina said...

I can see that this is very hard for you, lol! The Mizner's will be praying for ya! ; ) miss ya!

Dawn said...

the pose! gorgeous!!