August 19, 2010

Paradise in Hades

It truly is amazing here- if anyone gets a chance, you have to visit. We explored and wandered today, with our two strollers and our other child begging for a stroller or even a back ride most of the day. The cobblestone streets, the balconies with the bougainvillea, the brightly painted houses, it is simply paradise. However, it is hot as hell in this paradise. Lonely Planet on weather, and I quote: "It's so hot here, the homeless often beg for not for money, but for limeade. Temperatures usually hover around Hades, but the sopping wet humidity is the real killer." So we took Lonely Planet's advice and siested with the chicks from 1:30 to 4:30, after we got ripped off at Hard Rock. I know it is touristy and seriously a joke with prices, but honestly, AMP would have gladly given the shirt off of his back for a small taste of America, so we paid for it and enjoyed every minute of it. Then tonight we ate local, and indulged the homeless drink of choice. We ordered a round of jugos and limeades for the whole family. Given the cup it came in, AMP and I both preemptively lunged at the cups to taste test (our kids are crazy enough without being drunk!) but it was fine and ridiculously good. And of course, AMP didn't quite beat Chicken Little, she definitely got to that drink first! After spending a hard day of chasing pigeons, banging her knee on a the wall of the fort (she weaseled a stroller ride out of that one) and sporting a sweat mustache for hours, she deserved whatever was in that drink!

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