August 11, 2010

Mad Tooth Fairy Skills

So, Chicken Little and I had been arguing some last night before bed, and after many tears on both our parts, agreed to just go to sleep and try again in the morning. Before I went to bed, I made a renewed vow to myself to try hard to engage her in a positive manner, and gave myself a large, encouraging pat on the back that I was making a nice step forward in being a truly amazing parent. I then found one last stray American dollar in the corner of my wallet and tucked it beside her bed.
Sun Sets.

Sun Rises.
I stretch in bed at 6:15 am as AMP takes Pollo to the bathroom, and Chicken Nuggets snores away. Chicken Little comes in, looking for AMP:
Me: "Good Morning Sunshine!" Extra positive, I remind myself, with a smile ear to ear.
CL: "Where's Daddy?"
Me: "Did the tooth fairy make it last night?"
CL: Big, happy smile breaks across her face as she runs to check. She returns, holding the American dollar, with a confused, but very happy expression. "Mommy, the tooth fairy came!" Pause, and then,
CL: "Why did the tooth fairy bring me America money, Mommy?"
Me: So excited for our vastly improved interaction thus far, I respond, "Because I found an extra dollar in my wallet!"
Very long pause as we both ponder the implications of this statement.
CL: "You gave a dollar to the tooth fairy? You saw the tooth fairy!?!"

So there I am. Do I tell my beloved daughter, less than one week into the trauma of a new sibling, in a foreign country and only two lost teeth in, that Mommy is indeed the Colombian and the American tooth fairy? or do I just start describe some Spanish Tinker Bell-like creature and hope for the best? I freeze and utter the first words that come to me.
Me: "Wait for Daddy."

So we wait and I pantomine frantically over Chicken Little's head as she asks AMP,
CL: "Daddy, why did Mommy give me an American dollar?"
After a brief side bar, AMP pulls this one out.
AMP: "The tooth fairy got a flight delay, and asked Mommy to do it for her." What???
CL: "I don't want Mommy's dollar, I want real Colombian tooth fairy money!"

AMP then, in his infinite wisdom suggests that we wait yet again for the Colombian tooth fairy tonight, and Chicken Little eagerly agrees and hands me back my dollar- that ironically enough has an American flag on it of all things! I then shoo them both of out of the bathroom, muttering something about having to use the toilet and start frantically digging through, you guessed it, the trash can for the tiny, little tooth that I buried under a diaper and three paper towels last night (I still don't feel clean, over twelve hours later). I then discretely tuck it back into the ziploc bag, utterly grossed out, but before she even went down the path of "Where is the tooth?" Who's thinking preemptively?

Fast Forward to now. Small, disgusting tooth in its nice baggy is removed from under Chicken Little's pillow, and is replaced by Mommy with not a 1000 peso bill, but a 2000 peso bill. The Colombian tooth fairy is praying very fervently that all goes well in the morning, and asks that you do the same!

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Jon and Jamie said...

poor mommy, poor K!!! It will all be fine, promise, we gave up on the tooth fairy, it is God in our house, he gave them teeth, he takes them away, and gives daddy money to put under their pillows, voila, problem solved:-)
prayers for mommy and her positive interactions, we have the same issues lately too, hugs to you!!love Jamie