August 20, 2010

30 - Four Years Later.

My husband tries to ignore his birthday every year, and every year I try to make a big deal of it. For his thirtieth birthday, I bought him a PSP (they were cool and new then, I don't know now), we ate barbecue and went and saw Talladega Nights in the theatre (still his #2 favorite movie, only replaced by The Hangover). We were childless, with no immediate plans to have a family, and were thinking about buying matching jet skis and taking sailing lessons. 2 weeks later, we decided to adopt.

Flash forward 4 hectic years later. We find us ourselves celebrating his birthday by:

  • Pushing 3 small children around a fort in Cartagena, Colombia (that is a post unto itself - you will just have to wait until tomorrow, but believe me, it is a doozy! Only AMP could talk me into this one)
  • Skipping the Inquisition Museum, (too many questions, and one or two nightmares would have arisen from that, even though we were both desperate to see it) to see the very mundane Gold Museum
  • Eating mac and cheese and a barbecue sandwich (somethings don't change about that man!) at a cute little deli where they put the Happy Birthday song over the stereo system in the whole restaurant when our brownie with a candle came out (you can still embarrass someone on their birthday - no matter where in the world you are)
  • Taking a horse drawn carriage ride through the streets. From this vantage point, AMP and I could see that night life existed, and then we returned to our hotel, read "Buenas Noches, Luna" and tucked our children in bed - lights out by 8:30.
  • Sending Birthday Boy back into the streets to take a night picture of a really cool church and to get me a coke, and finding out when he returns that even though he was offered on the street everything ( and I mean everything) that Colombia is infamous for, and in typical AMP fashion, he turned into the Big Chicken and ran back to the coop as fast as his legs could carry him!
I don't quite know what happened to our lives, but I like it, and I think he kind of likes it too. So this is a South American Happy Birthday post to the father of my three crazy kids - I can't believe he went on this adventure with me - I am just so lucky he did.

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Kimberly said...

I love (and am surprised) that Brenton's favorite movie is The Hangover. And I love that sailing lessons were abandoned for parenthood. The New York Amanda would never have believed any of this.