August 15, 2010

Signs that you are just Plain Fancy!

  • Upgrading from slimy Ball Pit to pint-sized Ball Pool. Same balls, totally different experience - at least for AMP and I it was. The wee ones might not have noticed the difference at all.
  • Eating breakfast in the Executive Class Lounge - so fancy and even free! Until one of your flip-flops breaks and you must limp out of the lounge in a very non-fancy, barefoot way.
  • Meeting a Very Important Person who worked (high-up) for both Tele Mundo and a former Mayor of New York City and discussing the fabulousness of NYC's Upper West Side with her for half and hour, then excusing yourself to take your children to the bathroom, only to stare in the mirror and see mascara dripping and smeared all around your eyes, and your hair, literally standing on end - seriously, how does one "swim pretty"?
  • Relaxing in the same Executive Lounge with your oldest child, both drinking sodas (bad mommy), eating cookies (bad mommy!) and playing on the Ipad and Ipod respectively - so fancy again! AMP and two little ones awake from nap and come up to join you for more cookies (double bad mommy!!) - fancyness all around!Until, on your way out, one of the hotel staff hands you the VIP's card from above, and they say "she asked me to give this to you." Neither the staff person nor the VIP knew either your name, or even your room number - and you are staying in a 10-story resort. Your family definitely doesn't stand out at all!
Here is a Coke Zero (that is all we can drink down here - AMP is DYING for a Mountain Dew -so very fancy!) toast to being not a bit fancy, having an extremely "conspicuous family", and loving every single minute of it!!!

1 comment:

Jon and Jamie said...

so very fancy, ooohhlala!!! Not to worry you are the only person I know that can look good while having bad hair and crazy mascara, you may bring back the raccoon eyes look single handedly;-) love and miss you guys!!!
tell the AMP we will stock in some M.D. for him upon homecoming!!