August 3, 2010

Labor continues in Bogota

Labor Pain #7: Nine plus hours on a two planes with Chicken Little and Chicken Nugget. Charming, sweet, well behaved children overall, but there were a few moments. Like when Chicken Little decided to eat the tictac that had dropped on the floor, andwhenChicken Nugget became obsessed with the idea that "Man took my 'troller!" and seemed concerned she might never get it back, so she repeated her claim, over, and over, and over, and over.....
Labor Pain #8: Customs and Baggage claim at 10:30 at night in a foreign country with the same two small children from - need I say more?
Epiderural Wearing off!
Labor Pain #9: Getting the news that our appointment to get/meet/slobber, squeeze, kiss and tear all over Pollo was put off until Wednesday afternoon. That one hurt.
Labor Pain #10: That sinking feeling that I had forgotten about, the one were you realize you are not in control of the situation, and no matter what, right now you have to trust someone else's best interest to take care of you and your family. I felt it in Ethiopia when I realized that I had not been in control of Chicken Little's story up until that Friday morning when I met her. I had to trust that her family had made good decisions for her up until that point, and that the agency was taking care of the process. I felt it with Chicken Nugget, when I realized I had no idea how to give birth/take care of a tiny baby, and that I needed to trust that the doctors and nurses would make the right choices for our care. I felt it again today when they moved the appointment, saying we needed a day to settle in the country with the girls before we get him. I will have to remind myself that I just might feel that feeling again in the next 6 weeks and that it is okay.
So, with less than 8 hours of sleep in 2 nights, we are heading back to that airport in the morning to head out to Barranquilla.

And just on a "pat my own back" note: I packed for 6 weeks in a .......carryon bag. Additionally, Chicken Nugget is also packed in that bag! Who's a rockstar? And nobody better judge my pictures from this trip, where I am in the same pair of capri pants in every single picture.


Rebecca said...

I LOVE IT, i am so excited for you all.. Capri pants away we go.. Im sure that you will be looking fantabulous and FIERCE all the way. thank you for the updates..

Jon and Jamie said...

you will be fabulous and fine, and can shop like a rock star while there, sporting regional duds upon homecoming!!! Love and kisses to my babies, and you and the AMP too of course, missing you, prayers with you all, 'Ammie and crew

Kimberly said...

my packing hero! And hero in other ways too!