August 17, 2010


I was jealous of a little girl today. She was sitting on the edge of the big pool and her grandfather(?) had just handed her a cup of chocolate ice cream with a cookie in it. She sat there peacefully enjoying her sundae in the sun, while I flailed after my children and tried to convince them that the granola bars I brought to this country from Target where as great as the ice cream sundaes floating around us. Oh wait. My kids didn't even notice - that was me I was trying to convince. I tried not to stare, but like we have talked about - there has been a lot of Corn Flakes, and a lot of children eating Mommy's food. I did finally stop staring at the little girl (she might have been getting a little uncomfortable) and took my little Pollo to the bathroom, again. I saw AMP a minute later, and justed blurted out something random about yummy chocolate ice cream and a little girl, and then we scattered like the wind to collect and control the ninos.
10 hours later, we are sitting here quietly in the room while the kids sleep, and I of course request that he make his nightly trip up to the lounge to smuggle us some Coke Zero for our Mad Men party that is about to start. A few minutes later, I opened the door to AMP and this:

Now I don't have to be insanely jealous of any little nine year old girls tomorrow at the pool.

Pollo Update: Tonight, he feel asleep with Sissy. No rocking, no crying, no nothing. Just climbed in bed with Sissy and then after comforter negotiations ended, they fell asleep. I am beyond stunned - I was prepping myself for another year of bedtime wars and night- night strategic planning like we had with Chicken Little. I don't want to jinx us, but this could be something!

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Jon and Jamie said...

yay for an easy bed time, and what a sweet hubby you have, the AMp must have seen the desperation showing in the white's of your eyes:-)
so glad things are going well!