August 26, 2010

How you make magic

This vacation, oops, I mean adoption, has been the longest time we have been together uninterrupted as a family, and it has been hysterical! I truly think I fell in love with Chicken Little all over again today (Girl's day was a blast, and Boy's day at the doctors was a little tougher). Anyway, these are some of the things we have overheard lately. Of course, I am quite sure Pollo is saying a lot of insane things as well, given the facial expressions that are accompanying what he is saying - he is probably getting a way with murder, at least until the full language switch happens.

Chicken Nugget, "Sissy painted my toe red!" she indignantly exclaimed as we examined her new boo-boo on her toe

Chicken Nugget, "Daddy, you hit the right key, you get a sticker!" when AMP kept telling her to stop hitting all the wrong keys on his computer while he was working.

Pollo, "Tank.....eww", his version of thank you.

Pollo, "No compainin!" to Chicken Nugget when she was whining to AMP and I

Chicken Little, as we three listened to the audio tour of Cartagena Cathedral describing Sir Francis Drake's invasion of Cartagena in 1586. "Drake was not a nice man!"

Chicken Little, "So, you are sure that pirates are ex-stink like dinosaurs?" Palpalable fear of Captain Hook that day - especially after we saw the statue.

Chicken Little, "I know how you make magic, you mix pink and purple!"

Chicken Nugget, "Piggies in the potty, Piggies in the potty,....." over and over again, while holding the other McDonald's toy.

Chicken Nugget, "I pooped my pants,...oh I just tooted." all in a desperate attempt to not go to sleep tonight.

Chicken Little, "Mommy, does Hannah Montana love God?" Another desperate attempt to avoid sleep and start a conversation at 9 pm.

And the funniest of all is the chirping of the new bilingual Chicken Nugget, as taught by loving older brother, Pollo:

"Mommy, you need your 'patos?" (shoes)

"Papi (!), I want agua!"

"One, two, three, quatro, cinco!" as her and Pollo jump around

"Daddy, is this comida?" as AMP wheeled in the room service cart

"Un Mas, Un Mas???" (begging for one more turn through the McDonald's playyard)


Jon and Jamie said...

oh my little babes!! How I miss them, my funny little Zizzy, with her silly way with words, and K with her imagination funning wild with her, miss them TONS!!!!! Cannot wait to meet pollo!!

JAH said...

My favorite one is How to make magic!!! Love love love!