August 5, 2010

Day 2 - Settling in

I want to post a recap of the last few days, but truthfully, I am exhausted
and need to go to sleep, so I can wake up with the chicks at 6am tomorrow.
I'll try to do it tomorrow. Today went really well-he is starting to settle
in. He loved the pool this morning-and kept trying jump in like Big Sissy,
who was Big Sissy of Impressive and Scary Diving and Flipping Abilities.
Chicken Nugget pretty much followed Pollo around all day chirping "Hi
Pollo", trying to hug him and trying to blow on his belly. Pollo is
figuring out his place in this crazy family so well. He gets sad
periodically, but is not inconsolable, and will laugh and giggle along with
the girls most of the time. He loves to play with cars and balls-typical
boy and this causes some crazy racing back and forth in the suite. Still
potty trained-Am I the luckiest person in the world? He called me Mommy
several times today and said his second English word this afternoon -
Monkey!!!-while looking at a book my friend gave us last week. He slept
with us last night, but I rocked him to sleep tonight, and right now we
have him laying down with Chicken Little, so let's see if that flies. He
slept last night with the firetruck we gave him. Sorry, we can't post
pictures of him yet, but here are the girls the night before we got him,
eating dinner at the hotel by the pool.


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Yay, so glad things are going so well, enjoy the rocking while you can get it, boys are busy little bugs;-)Miss you guys, hugs to all, prayers coming your way too from the girlies here!!!