August 24, 2010

To Space or Not to Space

How much time does a space in your passport cost you? In the case of one AMP deChicken, the space that shouldn't have existed between de and Chicken, but that had been lying there undisturbed for the last 7 years, cost us 6 days. We were supposed to have our documents submitted to the court for processing on Aug 11th, and once the presence of that mysterious space reared it's ugly head, we actually didn't get submitted til Aug 17th.

Today is a week and, in my crazy spreadsheet in my head that is constantly recalculating, that is just about the earliest we could possibly hear from the court (not realistic, I know. Realistic says at least another week.) If we don't hear anything from the courts this week, then AMP and the girls go home on Saturday night and Pollo and I stay, for the duration. AMP is out right now, buying the tickets that will take them to Bogota on Saturday, to catch their flight home. I realized the other day, that for all of my travels, I have only spent about 7 hours overseas by myself, ever. Now I know, I will not be by myself - Pollo will be with me. However, while he is a strapping young man, and very pleasant company, he isn't taller than my knee, and doesn't speak much English. But, I keep reminding myself, this is going to be just another example of how tough this Chicken really is!

But if anyone could pray - I would really appreciate it.


Sharon Furniss said...

Praying for you now Amanda! You have everything you need within you. And remember, there's a lot of friends & family supporting & praying for you. Close your eyes and imagine yourself home with Pollo. It will happen in just a very short time. Thanksgiving & Christmas will be awesome!

Ultimate Chicken said...

Thanks Sharon - so much!

Kate and Jeff said...

We'll say a prayer for you and Pollo. We can't wait to meet him!