August 27, 2010

Forth and Back

We are back in Barranquilla. After AMP and Pollo made the forth and back trip yesterday (yes, AMP is insisting that the phrase should be "forth and back" instead of "back and forth". I am insisting that he is a nerd, and he might need a timeout from NPR). We all piled in the van this morning and left Cartagena Bliss and headed back up the Caribbean coastline to Barranquilla to begin Phase 3 (the waiting game).

We drove right pass the the public restroom where there was an incident on the way down. No details, but let's just say, I did might have "broken" something (yes Jo, I have a problem), and then rushed out and jumped in the car. The driver kept saying something to me "spanish, spanish, spanish," so I responded "Si". Always a safe answer, and I needed him to drive away before I was discovered. As we pulled away, AMP said, "You really gave them money, because that is what he is asking you?" Of course, I didn't! So, not only did I "break" and run, but I didn't pay. I slid down in the seat a little as we drove back by today, and fortunately no one in the bus had to stop to use the restroom, or I might have been busted!

One sign we are in Barranquilla - When we dropping our bags in the room after checking in, I hear a shout. Guess who's back? New hotel, new pet lizard. We are definitely back from forth.

*Please admire AMP's blurry picture of Lizard Pet #2, it took some amazing calisthentics to get this close.


JAH said...

OMG, I just had the LOUDEST LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!! WOW, perhaps you need to invent/carry a "portable tool" to help you out of these "situations!". LOVE YA! and thanks for the shout out!

Ultimate Chicken said...

It happened again at the hotel!!!! And I was totally thinking of the White Hen, or whatever that place was called.
Could we make a business of this portable tool? I sense a business plan in the making.

JAH said...

NOOOOO SIRRRRR, it did not!!! Yes, we need to hire an engineer and sell them only on the web telling everyone who buys one will be kept aynonomus! (I can't spell this word!)

Ultimate Chicken said...