August 2, 2010

Labor pains....and we are off to airport!!

Labor Pain #1: Realizing that my debit card was locked in the manager's office at Dunkin Donuts until 7am Monday morning
Labor Pain #2: Being told by one guy at hotel reservations that the hotel we wanted was absolutely not available, after spending an hour on the phone to get to him. 45 minutes later by another agent that it absolutely was available??
Labor Pain #3: Staying up until 3 am packing,cleaning and running around in a general chicken-like state
Labor Pain #4 Wake up at 6am to load up 4 suitcases, 4 carryon's, and two strollers in the minvan, before heading back to DD to pick up debit card
Labor Pain #5: that darn HOV lane starts moving like lightening the minute I get irrevocably out of it.
Labor Pain #6: Realizing that the insanity of children traveling with us now, is about to get exponentially worse :)
At the airport in Houston and off! Next time from Colombia!! Pollo, here we come!

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