August 3, 2010

The last night before Pollo joins Happily Ever After!

Tomorrow afternoon at 2pm we meet him. And while I have a hysterical story from today that I am just dying to tell, it will have to wait. I am beyond excited and nervous and scared and strangely peaceful about tomorrow. We have been praying for him and his transition, and I know and appreciate that a lot of other people are praying for him as well. I am trying not to go into full Chicken mode, because while I am nervous, AMP keeps reminding me that "They smell fear." Just pray that I don't frighten him - big, scary white woman, in weird capri pants, who seems to cry a lot. And definitely pray that AMP doesn't have one of his infamous snot bombs (for those you who know him, he is a ridiculous cryer, so the tears are inevitable, but the snot bombs are crazy and could send our little son over the edge.) I firmly believe his two new fabulous sisters will help tremendously with the transition (even the lawyer here mentioned that after meeting them for 5 seconds). So putting all fear and worry aside, tomorrow is going to be one of the best days of my life! I can't wait to see him play with his sisters, I can't wait to hug and kiss him, I can't wait for him to see his Daddy, and I can't wait to post a picture of the new Happily Ever After!

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Jo said...

I'm beyond excited for you and just reading your story made me tear up with happiness for all of you!!! I can't wait to see pictures today. Love you!!!