August 6, 2010

AMP's Baby Weight

AMP has apparently gained a little weight in the adoption process, which I
didn't really notice, until the other day. It was our first day in
Barranquilla, and our guide and our translator took us up to lunch at a
nearby shopping center. We all walked up and checked out the supermarket,
and then tried out some authentic Colombian mall food. It had rained while
we were in the mall and had flooded the streets, so we decided to take a
taxi back to the hotel. I should say that the taxis here are tiny, like a
Honda Fit. Anyway, the translator, the guide, the two girls (stacked up on
my lap) and I all piled in the back. AMP went around and climbed in the
front seat. The taxi driver took off and drove about 5 feet before he hit a
speed bump and bottomed out. Grind, grind, grind and lots of reversing back
and forth got us nowhere-we were completely stuck. The cab driver then
turns, grumbles something in Spanish, and motions for AMP to get out of the
car. A little bewildered AMP climbs back out-and voila, the cab is no
longer stuck!! The 5 of us in the back and the cab driver collapse in
laughter and AMP gets back in car, muttering something about a "gringo
maximo" or to translate-"Fat American"!

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christina said...

lol, that is funny!!!!