July 9, 2010

Why Chicken

The nickname started 7 years ago in NYC, when my loving husband began to get slightly frustrated with my persistence in waiting for the light to change in order to cross the road. Ever patient, he would dash wildly across the street in front of oncoming Mack trucks (you should see him drive) and then would tap his foot gently, while he pointed and laughed on the other side of the street. Thus, I became the Chicken that wouldn't cross the road.
My father had always called me Turkey, so I guess I was always destined to have a poultry nickname. The children's nicknames were obvious, Chicken Little for the biggest one, and she named the baby Chicken Nugget while she was still in the oven. Pollo, who has yet to reach the coop, was a no-brainer, given that he currently speaks only Spanish. The Chicken nicknames have not, however, been continued on with my husband, for obvious reasons.

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Jo said...

I'm learning so much about you ; )