July 13, 2010

And the issues just keep on coming

3:28am wake up on both alarms - bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (this is a
Southern expression I believe, that makes me slightly uncomfortable when I
read it now)
3:35 finish packing with clothes from dryer
3:40 shower and debate internally, tennis shoes or no tennis shoes in the
suitcase. One guess as to what won? Waistline won't be shrinking this week
as I enter the land of Chic-fil-a and pecan pie
3:48 just a teeny tiny amount of facebook time while gathering ipod from
4:01 decide the outfit I have on is perfectly unacceptable
4:04 ironing second outfit
4:10 put first unacceptable outfit back on
4:14 zip suitcase -requires sitting on, but successfully packed in a
CARRYON for 4 days with paperwork (probably the best packing job of my
whole buying career-or at least I think so now at the beginning of the
4:16 waking sleeping giant to move the cars around
4:19 kiss the girls goodbye
4:40 pull into airport-prime parking spot right in front of me
4:47 flash that platinum card again (see post below-Mechanical Issues) to
the same older man-he is even more stunned and surprised this time-and my
hair is almost dry-what gives? It must be that 1st outfit
4:48 bypass everyone in line and whip through security like a pro.
5:04 join the crazy line at starbucks for dirty chai and yogurt parfait
5:26 stroll onto the plane and take my window seat. Mentally congratulate
myself on the resolution of my issues with traveling-smooth sailing from
5:55 take the fruit and yogurt parfait, try to take the lid off, at which
point the whole thing explodes, sending the lid shooting somewhere, never
to be seen again, and showering both myself and my seat mate with granola
and yogurt. Again, I said my yogurt exploded, not my soda?
6:41 wake up to find myself not only laying on the nice woman's shoulder,
but also playing some kind of footsie with her-she doesn't speak English,
but the words she is saying with her eyes should not be repeated in any
language. Settle myself firmly against the window.
8:17 wake up as we land, discover that I have window hair(never pretty),
and stagger off the plane, wiping the sleep from my eyes, and look around
for the restroom to pull myself back together
8:19 bingo-bathroom right next to Chic-fil-a
8:20 confidently stride into the restroom, smile at the little boy staring
at me, start to head around the wall to find a stall, and come face to back
with a man....at a urinal-quick survey of the room confirms that, yes, I am
in the men's room
Off to work-Just another morning in the glamorous life of a buyer.


Jon and Jamie said...

hmmmm, maybe less dirty chai, more donut house coffee next time oh great and flat haired buyer:-)!!!!!
Now the real question is did you remember to pack the essentials in that bulging suitcase, or did you have to make a V.S. run, after chic-fil-a, hahahaha, you are too funny!!!

Ultimate Chicken said...

All essentials packed and accounted for! Besides the fact that my one of my friends claimed like I looked like I was on my way to ballet class one morning (and you should have seen what he was wearing!)- I think it really was my best packing job ever! The suitcase wasn't even expanded on the way back!