July 19, 2010

Open Foot insert Mouth...

That seems to be the theme of my friendship with Lisa. This weekend we both succeeded in (more than a thousand miles between us) completely and utterly humiliating ourselves beyond our wildest imaginations, without any assistance from anyone else at all.

Lisa was eating at the Japaneses Steakhouse again on Sunday afternoon. Her husband got up and took one of their boys to the restroom to change his diaper. As he left the table, Lisa THOUGHT that the chef asked about her twin boys and if twins ran in her family. That is why she proceeded to tell him, the details of her in vitro process, with all the shots and gross stuff included. Well, don't you know that just about then her phone rang, and it was her husband....from the restroom. It seems he was calling her just to let her know that the chef had not asked about her twins, he had asked if she was on the carb diet and if he could be her nutritionist. Open foot.....

I, as briefly mentioned in the post below, gave a simple bag of coffee to my pastor and his wife last night at a friend's barbecue. It was just a little something I picked up in the airport in Vietnam because I like to buy little souvenirs for my friends when I travel. I bought a couple different flavors of ground coffee in the convenience store at the airport. There were six flavors to choose from, and who can read Vietnamese, so I picked based on color. I bought the purple bag and gave it to my friend Jamie, who loves coffee. The yellow bag, was a premium flavor, and was labeled...Culi, which means the following in Vietnamese:
Culi is the Vietnamese word for a phenomenon where, inside each coffee cherry there are two beans, but in about 5% of the crop there is only one. This single bean is called Culi, and they are highly prized for their intensity of flavor.
It does not mean the same thing in the Spanish culture - not the same thing at all - let's just say it's a rather dirty word for one's bum. (Please don't google it) And my pastor's family is Puerto Rican. ....And Insert Mouth.

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AMP said...

The bag actually said "100% HOT CULI!"

I've never laughed so hard.