July 16, 2010

My Lovely Baby Bump

We hope to go to Colombia in three or four weeks to get little Pollo and bring him home. So this means I am actually 9 months "pregnant", but unfortunately it doesn't show. This can make for some truly awkward moments for anyone who doesn't know me that well. For anyone who knew me pregnant or before, when I announce, "I am getting another one", this usually prompts a "You're crazy," (3 children in 3 calendar years is certifiable - I completely agree) "but congrats!" But for the poor fools who didn't see me happily adopting or miserably pregnant before, the "imminent maternity leave" statement can be confusing. This always prompts some sharp looks and roundabout tummy stares before I clarify the situation. After a week working at a trade show, where I went from booth to booth, talking to a new person literally every five minutes, I have decided that the adoption process should come with a faux baby bump. But apparently not all of Chicken Nugget's baby bump has gone away - two months ago I was telling a man that I was getting a baby this summer, and he stated quite happily as he stared at my stomach, "I noticed!"

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