July 22, 2010

Oh, how we fool ourselves.

You know those moments, when you realize that how you see yourself currently, might not be exactly how others see you? Well, today, my vision of myself has been altered. You see, I see myself as an extremely young looking mother of two, but who doesn't dress like a mom, or act mom-ish. I am fun, and am lucky enough to have an interesting job that lets me travel and go and do really cool stuff. This is me in my mind- I feel so hip!

In reality, I now realize that truly, I am the 30 year old mom to 3 children, who carries a not so pretty mom bag, drives a 4 year old minivan, and has no idea what The Hills is all about, and is very put off Jersey Shore (both of which are probably so LY, but again, I am not cool enough to know this for sure). I am that woman who showed up at church tonight to help with vacation bible school (one clue that I am probably not a hip, young thing anymore all by itself) with extremely fuzzy hair in a prairie braid. I then enhanced this fabulous look with an oversized white vbs t-shirt and a green polka dot plastic apron.

So how did I reach this image altering realization? Three things happened. First, my oldest daughter lost her first tooth, and I of course cried, and now I am hiding a really gross baby tooth in my jewelry box. Who does this, and how old am I to have a kid who lost a tooth? And seriously, who cries? Second, a nice little boy at VBS called me "The Lettuce Lady"! This was not, however, a completely random statement: I was working in the snack area and gave him flack two days ago for not wanting lettuce on his burning bush snack. Lastly, a little later in the evening, a different sweet young child popped his head in the room and said directly to me "Thanks, Cafeteria Lady." I just might not be a cool as I hoped I was - I am somebody's old mom! But look how cute somebody is!

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Jon and Jamie said...

oh no, I will now have to find a cool mommy hero to look up to, and what does that make me as I have never been as hip as you, waaahhhh, my life has now sunk further! On the up side I get your 2 cuties all the time, so that makes up for many uncool looks, they distract the eye from my lack of hipness!! That is my story and I am stickin' to it;-)