July 27, 2010


Up at 4:15 to reattempt that trip I missed a few weeks ago. I tried flying out of Logan this time, and after successfully throwing on my new traveling outfit, (called a ballet class outfit by one of my more outspoken coworkers, but I will take that to mean athletic-looking, definite compliment) and accessorizing my wet hair with sunglasses (such a fashionista I am), I headed out and Blissful Travel ensued. First there was Radio Bliss. It was one of those perfect moments where every time I hit scan on the radio, I would happen upon yet a another fabulous song. From The Killers, to The BeeGees, to Chicago, to Colbie Caillet, to Highway to Hell as I pulled into Central Parking, and a resounding finale by the Smashing Pumpkins, it was bliss through and through. Additionally, I do know that several people this morning where able to blissfully laugh their way to work as they caught me car dancing as I flew by, particularly during the BeeGees bit.
Travel Bliss continued as I strolled into the airport, through the security line and to my gate with 50 minutes to spare. I continued at a leisurely pace over Starbucks to get the requisite dirty chai and got a treat receipt. Apparently they are stamping coupons on the bottom of the receipts in the morning to entice people back that same afternoon for an iced coffee. I am a sucker, so you know that I took full advantage of this. My only questions is this. Is that stamp really worth 1/20th of a cent? Say I turn in 20 of the receipts that afternoon - will she be obligated to give me a penny?
Smooth sailing down! Honestly, smooth as can be, except for one thing. I am still staring at this mornings on board snack - a very healthy looking packet of trail mix. Looks amazingly yummy, but is entirely impossible to open. You know the kind of package where you try six different ways from Sunday and you left with numb fingers and sore teeth. One hour later, I was no closer to opening this package of trail mix than I ever was. Obnoxiously enough, the woman in the seat across the aisle had no issue at all getting the bag open -she just happily munched away the whole flight down, very loudly I might add. But still, as far as issues go, thats not to bad, right?
The trip tried to also end on a very blissful note, with express pedicure in massage chairs in the airport terminal. All is well until they call our flight, and I have NO paint on the tootsies. She ended slapping on some pink, and we had to hobble our way to the gate and down the jetway in the disposable flip flops and complete toe wraps. I leave you with that beautiful mental image.
Last day of travel - done. Maternity leave is imminent, and I couldn't be more excited!

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