October 31, 2010

Goodnight Prayers

Overheard tonight during prayers with Chicken Nugget:

"Tank you God for my...(almost said food, then caught herself) my Mommy and my

Overheard tonight during goodnight prayers with Pollo:

"Tank you God for candy, and for Cow (Chicken Nugget's costume), and for Giraffe (his costume), and for Olivia, and Emma, and Oscar (all friends from church) and tank you God for Grandpa and Apa. (Both of his Grandpas)"

Overheard tonight during goodnight prayers with Chicken Little, after I jumped in her bed and rolled around to warm it up (her special request) while she put on her PJ's:

"Thank you God, for my Mommy, because she loves me, and thank you that she warmed up my bed, and thank you that her toot wasn't too smelly, and that the smell isn't on this side of my bed."

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JAH said...

AHHHH, so funny!!!