October 5, 2010


So we attract a bit of attention. Four years ago, when it was just AMP and I, no one ever payed a bit of attention to the slightly (okay, more than slightly) nerdy couple in the corner. Introduce the magical Chicken Little, and I begin to notice more attention, but I attributed this all to the amazing cuteness of my darling daughter. When Chicken Nugget came along, we did (and continue to get) a lot of comments like, "Oh, she is such a miracle!" (like Chicken Little isn't?) or "So glad you got to have one of your own" (Again, and Chicken Little isn't our own child?), but I just explain that we chose to add Chicken Little to our family, and that Chicken Nugget was a happy (but completely unplanned) surprise - not that anyone truly needs the details of our family planning strategy (we didn't have one). Anyway, throw in Pollo with Skin Shade #3, and the odd looks come 90 miles an hour, all day long. I am sure that there are some people imagining crazy stories, when AMP isn't with us, and I am out and about with my beautiful children. The abject staring, pointing, and whispering started in full force in Colombia, but again, we attributed this to Chicken Nugget's major blondie status, which of course doesn't blend in quite so well down there. And while it seems like it may be better here, I believe that is because I turned my Are-those-people-staring-at-us? radar off a few days ago. Yet with the decrease in staring has come a rapid increase in inappropriate comments and questions. While adoption is my favorite topic, which I will happily discuss at length at any time, some questions and comments are just weird, like "So what happened to their real family?", or "It is like when I adopted my puppy...." . This Dad says it perfectly in his blog (Click here to read it)- all but #10 has been said to me more times than I can begin to count. With the increase in inappropriate comments has also come increased attention from random members of the opposite sex - never have I been hit on so much! So I say all this to say, please at least try not to stare, judge, or make assumptions when you see this crazy blonde woman with three different colored children all under the age of 6 traipsing down the street . Don't ask her if they are all really hers - they are. And don't assume she is easy - her husband will readily attest to the fact that she isn't.

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Jon and Jamie said...

HAHAHAHAHA, sorry that was for the last line, not the post, since as you know I get my own share of crazy looks, but, sadly, not being a willowy blond, they are not of the same variety:-)